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My Forever

Ones upon a time.
When my heart was sinking
You came and hold my hand.
Save me from going down

Your love warmed my heart.
Your arrival changed my life
The only way for me repay
is to love you back.

Love made me feel heaven.
Hellish past now seemed so far.
Now, you’re my forever
That you must know

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Quest For Happiness

When you feel lost, this is a great post to keep yourself sane.


Others seek happiness
but found only emptiness
failing the realization
of happiness being an option

Unhappy people are reliant
on what they want
with endless fruitless chasing
but never fulfilling

The relentless quest
for perfect relationship seems the best
but happiness is fulfilled
when we meet someone else’s need

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Traces of You (Part 5)

Death is a double edge sword 
It’s brings both joy and misery 
Now that I’m where you are were
The agony all seem worth it

© Yesika Forest

Thank for reading! Only last two left in Traces of You poem series. Don’t forget scroll down for the previous episodes and I you’re looking forward to future release.

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