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Wrong Number

Back in the days
When cellphone
Can only text
Call and no internet
I made a mistake
I typed an angry text
“Go to hell with your new girl, can’t wait to call you my ex”
After I furiously hit send
I broke out in cold sweat
Damn it, wrong number
I wish I could unsend it
But what’s done is done
When my cellphone ring 
I nearly threw it to the ceiling
When I answered
You say, “Hey, I happen to be looking for a new girl. So, You. Me. And hell? What do you say?”
You were such a nerd
But thanks to it
I moved on from my ex

© Yesika Forest


Hopeless romantic, love to laugh, love to read and write, very curious and adventurous. I'm the child inside Jessica E. Larsen that never grows old.

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