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Show Up

Funny but speaks the truth


the greatest and the only
piece of advice anyone
could ever offer you:
show up.
even when it feels
like you woke up
with no soul
or your clothes
fit ill or your
shoe’s been stolen
when your heart’s
in shreds
when you have to
meet a person you
show up
when the weather is shit
and you did not study
for the test
when you fought with
a friend and hate the
when there’s butterflies
in your stomach
and a vacuum in your
and all your feelings
are on house arrest
show up
if not to prove
you are the bravest
show up because
every worst day
could still turn into
the best

© Richa Bhagwat

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I'm a romance author that writes with multi-subgenre. I'm a wife, a mom, and a full-time dreamer. Find me at where I blog about music, poems, book reviews, films and moments in life.

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